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There are many situations that require a real estate appraisal.  One element they all have in common however, is their importance.  Usually when a circumstance requires an appraisal, you cannot afford to have errors, a lack of competence, or delays.

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A real estate appraiser needs to be experienced in many areas.  They need to have a thorough understanding of their area and very knowledgeable of market trends.  They have to have unwavering integrity and complete each job 100% independently and without any bias.

Our specialization

Our specialty is in appraising homes in Los Angeles and Orange County.  There are a variety of reasons someone would need an appraisal.  If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, call us today for an excellent service and a top quality appraisal.

Buy, Sell, or Refinance Home

Institutions like banks and lenders require accurate appraisals before finalizing loans or closing deals. We appraisals that banks and lenders have been using for over thirty years.

Bail Bond Appraisals

When encountering this type of situation, a property can be used as a security to post bail. This requires an appraisal... and a quick one at that. Express Appraisal has the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

Divorce Appraisals

During a divorce there is usually a property settlement determined, requiring an appraisal. The last thing you need at this time in your life is problems with that process.

Waterfront Appraisals

Homes with waterfronts require a specific set of skills and knowledge to accurately asses value. We've honed our skills here through thousands of waterfront appraisals.

PMI Removal Appraisals

To remove mortgage insurance, you're going to need an accurate valuation of your property. An accurate appraisal done efficiently, can help move this process along.

Custom Home Appraisals

A key component to an accurate appraisal is comparable. When a property has been highly customized, ever more expertise is required. We have the experience needed to carry out and custom home appraisal.

Our Appraisals are Fast, Reliable, and Competively Priced.

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